Moose Engagement Ltd was created by the Matt and Victoria and it is a true family business.  Matt and Vic are the main drivers and brains behind the business but the heart lies with their two children   (advisory moose), who actively take part in business decision making; even though at 5 and 7 they aren’t fully aware of the impact they have.


Engagement exists all around us and as we grow we tend to make life more difficult than it needs to be.  This is where our mini moose come in.  Kids keep things simple and as a business so do we – engaged staff deliver more and as such your business achieves more with little extra cost.  Put simply, smiles increase revenue.

Vic on the other hand is the power behind the support crew.  Working in a number of technical roles (accounts, commercial contracts) culminating in becoming the Operations Manager in the UK of an International finance house.  More recently Vic has taken on her most challenging role, during motherhood, by helping to run Moose Engagement whilst raising two school age children.

Together they form a formidable team with an abundance of all round experience, which ensures that your engagement needs are handled in a professional and friendly way.


With a number of years in both the engagement, innovation and communication world the team at Moose Engagement are perfectly placed to understand the emotions of your business and what excellence looks like.


Both Matt and Vic have worked in a number of different areas, with varying sizes of teams and are now able to bring this expertise to your business.



MATT NEBBETT - Chief Moose

Matt has been in the field of engagement his whole career, from the early days in customer service roles to more recently running the engagement programme for a FTSE top 30 company.  Roles in Business Improvement, Innovation and Internal Communications came in between.

VIC NEBBETT - Technical Moose


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