So you get the concept. Now discover what ACTUALLY happens.


Moose Engagement exists to help you understand your team as well as you know your customers and products.


Moose Engagement partners with our customers on an engagement journey with passion, love, enthusiasm and an eye on the needs of the business.


Moose Engagement undertake a people audit in a similar way to your financial or quality audits (but with slightly more humility and less box ticking).


Once the initial discovery phase is complete we will work alongside you to create an appropriate and more importantly, achievable action plan to bring the levels of engagement up, Moose Engagement will be your partner in this vital journey and will help you drive results until your staff are so engaged they become self-fulfilling.


All work is undertaken with the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality.  It is imperative that there is a high level of trust between all parties to ensure complete honesty – your staff will tell us things they wont say to you.  Here at Moose Engagement we will ensure that the message (if not always the language) is delivered with the passion it was first communicated.


Here are some examples of the teams and people we have worked with in the past and also the means:


- Warehouses, customer service, human resources, finance, standalone power stations, management boards, procurement, project teams and sales teams.


- Managing directors, electricians, administrators, middle management, apprentices, manual labourers and technical staff.


- Remote, dotted line, long term absent and international staff.


- 20,000+ all employee surveys and resulting action planning, 200+ feedback roadshows, 5-10 workshops, 1-1 mentoring and Board presentations.


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